Central Pest Control



Even the finest homes can become infested with pests due to the complex nature of homes and constant pest pressures surrounding them.á People are often concerned about unnecessary pesticide exposure, while having very low tolerance for pests in their homes. They want effective pest management and are concerned with the health and safety in and around their homes.á Central Pest Control addresses each of these concerns.á Central Pest Control is committed to responsible pest management.á The Central Pest Control process integrates all the necessary steps to control pests while being sensitive to these issues.á Below is Central Pest ControlÆs strategy for delivering great pest managements in residential homes.

1.ááááá INSPECT:
Inspection is the cornerstone of our Integrated Pest Management Plan.á The reason is simple, when you have good information, you can make good informed decisions.á Every home is different.á Construction type, pest pressures, family situation all contribute to the need of a situational analysis approach to managing pests so that responsible pest management can occur.á

We will choose the right treatment based on the information gathered during our inspection and choose the best option to fit your unique situation.

Training and knowledge are required to carry out the required action plan ensuring that proper safety precautions are taken and the results are consistent with our objectives.á Several steps may be taken including exclusion, physical repair, harborage reduction, sanitation and trapping methods as well as pesticide application.

As a Central Pest Control customer, you will be informed of all actions taken prior to treatment.á You will be brought into the pest management process so that you understand what is going on in your home.

5.ááááá FOLLOW-UP
When a service ends, itÆs just the beginning.

Pest management is an ongoing process, not just a onetime event.á Following up after initial treatment is a must so that an inspection can occur to be sure that our objectives were reached and that satisfaction is ensured.á Many pest problems are the result of continuous pest pressures on the home that require ongoing service to keep the problems at bay.á Anticipating future pest pressures and developing a responsible program for the on-going protection of your home.á Each service will serve as a follow-up from the last and an early detection or prevention of new pest developments.